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Hammer/ Mix/ Sew/ Shape/ Fold/ Cut

Published Jan 16

“That’s a great feeling.” Lemonade Handmade is sold at Modern Mouse in Alameda, Professor Squirrel and Urban Indigo in Oakland, and online at

Megan O’Keefe gets very excited describing the science of soap making: “The moment the lye solution begins to emulsify with the oils is like magic. You can actually see the translucent oils turn opaque, as the mixture begins the chemical reaction that will transform the liquids into solid soap.”…

«…supply shops include Juniper Tree in Berkeley ( ), Mission Peak Soap…»

The dual loves of science and art are what caused 25-year-old O’Keefe to leave the corporate world in 2009 and start making soaps, lotions, scrubs, perfumes, and lip balms at home. Her business, Blushie, is a family operation: She calls her fiancé, Joey, the official Lifter of Heavy Things and Loader of the NC… While analyzing meaningful statistics on schizophrenia for her doctoral dissertation, Marja People from Germany Gard needed a creative escape.

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